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    BEAUTY TALK: June Favourites

    I don’t know about you, but during these hot summer months, I try to keep my makeup and beauty routine fairly simple. Hot weather and too much foundation are just two things that don’t mix very well and I feel like my skin just gets extra congested if I don’t keep the foundation to a minimum. June has been treating us very well weather wise here in Canada – believe it or not ;) So the motto for this past month was just: keep it simple. Below you can find all of the products I have been loving during the month of June.

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  • Outfit

    Mexican Vibes in Burano & Kimono Love

    Before you yell “Hey… you showed us this outfit already” – yes, you are absolutely right. But in my defense, I just found more pictures from our trip in Burano and…

  • Outfit

    Retro Vibes: Here comes the Sun

    If I would have to put my finger on the one trend of 2017, that I really have been loving and wearing to the max, it must be vintage or at…

  • Outfit

    Exploring the Island of Burano

    For the longest time, paying a visit to the Island of Burano has been on my Bucket List of places to go. This year, we finally went to this beautiful unique little…

  • Travel

    Hotel Review: Palazzetto Madonna Venice

    Venedig, oh Venedig… Das ich mich wirklich verliebt habe, in diese wunderschöne Stadt, habe ich euch ja nun schon mehrmals bekundet. Heute erfahrt ihr nun endlich wo genau wir im wunderschönen Venedig…

  • Outfit

    TREND ALERT: Striped Pants

      Was schreit mehr nach Sommer als eine luftige, hellblau gestreifte Leinenhose? Richtig, eigentlich gar nichts. Ok, dass ist dann vielleicht doch etwas übertrieben, da mir mittlerweile hunderte andere Dinge einfallen die höchstwahrscheinlich sommerlicher sind…

  • Beauty

    BEAUTY TALK: Mai Favoriten

    Einmal im Monat – so zumindest der Plan – erzähle ich euch auf meinem Youtube Kanal von meinen Favoriten des letzten Monats. Nun habe ich mir gedacht, dass es eigentlich auch hier auf…