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    Hallelujah, a new post is up! I don’t think it’s a big secret that I have been neglecting this blog A LOT. And I mean A LOT. Just look at the last post, which is still in a Faux Fur jacket – it is actually almost embarrassing how long it has been. How did this happen and furthermore WHY did it happen?! Well, I think there has been such a big emphasis on Social Media for quite some time now and people started to read blogs a lot less frequently and some, maybe not at all anymore. People want you to post several times a day on Instagram, always new content. Blog posts take a very long time to write, and the sad thing is, not a lot of people want to actually read what you have to say. 
    I even read an article called “End of the blogging era”, speaking about how blogs just can’t compete with peoples desire for FAST CONTENT. I was stunned and deeply disappointed because the end of blogging also means the end of actual curated, good content if you ask me. 
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  • Fashion

    Trend Focus: Power Suit

    Wenn ich in der Vergangenheit an Anzüge bzw. Zweiteiler gedacht habe, hat das meist nur unschöne Assoziationen an ehemalige Uni- Proffesorinnen in weit- bzw. unvorteilhaft anmutenten Power Suits hevorgerufen. Mit Mode…

  • Outfit

    First Outfit of 2018 – Keep it simple!

    Es wird Zeit das neue Jahr mit einem Outfit einzuweihen, meint ihr nicht auch? Als ich vor kurzem meine #BESTNINE auf Instagram zusammengestellt habe, ist mir aufgefallen, dass euch vor allem eher schlichte Looks gefallen,…

  • Outfit

    All white in Mexico

    // TOP: Emma Lou Doll // PANTS: ZARA // Jewelry: House of VI (coming soon!) // ENG | All white in Mexico. Whenever I am surrounded by beaches and palm trees…

  • Travel

    Sunsets in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

    ENG | While the temperatures keep dropping outside, I am going to heat things up today on the blog with my first post about our little getaway to Mexico, Playa del Carmen…