My Future Country-Home

There is so much beauty out there in the world – it is amazing!
I always try to collect as many pictures as possible of whatever I find inspiring & useful to have for the future – like beautiful homes, decorating ideas, wedding ideas, photo ideas …
I could keep going forever :) The thing is: there will be a point in my life, when I am going to have to think about all that stuff – and then I am going to be prepared :)
Of course my future home is not going to look exactly like this, but it is definitely going to have the same country feel!
And YES, I would really like to live close to the beach somewhere.
Oh, and I would really like to have 3-4 Chickens in my garden, so that I can eat my own organic eggs :)
What does YOUR dream house look like?

Images: Country Living

Photographer: Tim Street-Porter

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    July 12, 2012 at 10:15 am

    ich hätte auch gerne mal ein paar Huehner (und zwar solche, die blau-gruene Eier legen) – vielleicht in ein paar Jahren…Ich wohne an der finnischen Ostseekueste, aber irgendwie sind wir viel zu selten am Strand…Danke, dass Du mich daran erinnert hast, die Vorzuege hier öfters zu geniessen! Du hast uebrigens wirklich einen sehr schönen und stilvollen Blog!
    LG, Appelgretchen

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