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Hallelujah, a new post is up! I don’t think it’s a big secret that I have been neglecting this blog A LOT. And I mean A LOT. Just look at the last post, which is still in a Faux Fur jacket – it is actually almost embarrassing how long it has been. How did this happen and furthermore WHY did it happen?! Well, I think there has been such a big emphasis on Social Media for quite some time now and people started to read blogs a lot less frequently and some, maybe not at all anymore. People want you to post several times a day on Instagram, always new content. Blog posts take a very long time to write, and the sad thing is, not a lot of people want to actually read what you have to say. 
I even read an article called “End of the blogging era”, speaking about how blogs just can’t compete with peoples desire for FAST CONTENT. I was stunned and deeply disappointed because the end of blogging also means the end of actual curated, good content if you ask me. 

Lately – well, actually for a few good years now – I’ve been questioning Social Media a lot. Questioning the rapid rise of influence it has on all of us, on our values, our daily lives and even the way we see us ourselves.
There are studies that suggest that only 30 minutes of daily social media consumption will significantly decrease a person’s self-esteem. How crazy is that? Really think about that for a minute. Think about how many hours we spent on Social media and what that does to us, our mental health. Imagine how this impacts people working in Social Media and spending the majority of their work hours on these platforms.

I think everybody has their own very distinct and different relationship with these social outlets. Some people don’t take it that seriously, and that is a good thing.
I for my part, am not afraid to admit, that social media does affect me in a not so great way quite a bit – not always – but definitely in waves. And when being active on social media is part of your job, I think we can all agree that this is sub-par. It all gets overwhelming at times, making you feel like you are not enough, not working hard enough – really not anything enough.

And hey, don’t get me wrong – I too have been playing my part in the social media world. Probably added my fair share to the social pressure of living the perfect life, having it all and never having any bad days.

My one outlet to actually write meaningful articles, my blog, I have pushed to the side in favour of fast Instagram content. But is this truly the future? A future in which no one wants to read an article, instead just wants to see a quick Instagram pic and “be outta here”. I think not – or at least I wouldn’t want to be a part of that.

From now on, I want to make an effort to actually create content here, that is meaningful. Content that people find worth reading that is not just “Hey buy this or that”.

What are your thoughts on blogs – do you actually read them? What content do you like to read most?


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    Rachel Antony
    June 9, 2018 at 5:18 am

    Yes!! I actually just went through the same thing a couple months ago where I realized that I missed the blogging part of being a blogger but I wanted to provide people with value if they choose to actually click through to read the blog. I’ve refocused on creating really good blog content that I can share with Instagram rather than the other way around. Thanks for the great post! I’m glad I’m not alone!

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    August 1, 2018 at 8:02 pm

    Hi, ich bin scheinbar ein Randphänomen: ich mag Blogs lieber als Instagram Posts, habe nie Snapchat benutzt und facebook eher aus Faulheit nicht gelöscht.
    Mir würde es gefallen, wenn du den Blog nicht vernachlässigst. Ich glaube nicht, dass Instagram den Blog ersetzen kann, sondern eher, dass sich die beiden Kanäle ergänzen können.
    Content, den ich lieber auf Blogs lese: Deine Gedanken zu Themen, die dich beschäftigen. Ehrliche Reviews zu Beautyprodukten, How-tos (How to find your style; your colors etc.), ausführliche Reiseerfahrungen und Tipps…
    P.S.: Toll fände ich auch die Möglichkeit, den Blog im alten Blogroll-Design zu lesen! Ich weiß nicht, wie schwer die Umsetzung ist, aber eine Umschaltaste wäre so schön:)
    Vielen Dank für die Mühe, die du dir bisher mit dem Blog und dem Content gibst!
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

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