Fall/Winter Fashion Trends 2017 I am Loving at the Moment


We are in the middle of fall and I have been loving quite a few of the fall trends of this season. So I thought, why not make a little bit of a “best of” and write about my favorite fall trends, including the best shopping finds. Because we all know, if you don’t get them while they are fresh & new, these trend pieces will sell out fast. What’s that saying again: “Sold out” – Shortest horror story ever! So don’t make the mistake and wait – like I tend to do :)

Trend Nr. 1 // THE BAKER BOY HAT

As with every trend, there are always people who hate it & people who love it. When it comes to Baker Boy or Captain’s hats I am definitely #TEAMLOVE. My man recently told me, they remind him too much of a 90’s episode of Friends – which I can definitely see – but I still think they are absolutely cute and also quite practical, because they are THE solution to every bad hair day. Below you can find my favorite Baker Boy Hats of the season, from lower end prices to a bit more – I got a Baker Hat for all of you :)



There has been a huge vintage-inspired vibe in fashion as well as on social media and I am absolutely loving it. Checked & Houndstooth patterns are definitely nothing new, but this season you see them everywhere, the world seems to have gone pattern crazy. Even checked two-piece combinations are the trend of the season. I personally, found the perfect oversized checked coat at H&M, but it seems to be almost sold out everywhere. I also have my eye on a new checked blazer from Zara, but since I already have an old one, I don’t know I need a second one :)



This one came as a surprise to me: the new trend colors red and orange. Honestly, in the past few years, I have always tried to stay away from reds, as I found them a little too intense and “femme fatale” for me. This season, I have started to absolutely embrace them. Again, dressed down and in combination with vintage-inspired denim have become a big fan of the color red and also orange. Rich, intense colors that give you just the right amount of a pop of color.


Trend Nr. 4 // SOCK BOOTS

The new kid on the block: Sock Boots. They are literally what the word says and feel like a heel that somebody put a sock over. What I love about them, is their very flattering shape as they give the illusion of the perfect slim foot shape. Again, the perfect combination with straight cut denim or mom jeans.


Trend Nr. 5 // Trés chic … THE BERET

Oui, oui… the Beret is back! Again, somewhat of an oldie, but goldie – but this season they are super hot. I just bought myself a red one and I never felt more Parisian, even though I am aware that probably nobody in Paris actually wears a red beret. But a girl can dream, right?!


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